Rockabilly Music: That Unlikely Mixture of Musical Styles Changed the Face of Pop Music

1950s rockabilly

Rockabilly music is musical whapatooli. doesn't recognize the term, but anyone who was ever an adolescent probably has a very good handle on what it indicates. The website defines it as, "1) A punch-like alcoholic beverage whose ingredients include beer, rum, vodka, Kool Aid�, 7-Up�, ginger ale, and chunks of fruit. 2) A confused mixture of loosely related items." It's definition #1 that most of us probably remember from those college parties (or maybe not!), but #2 may be the one that fits rockabilly music. Or does it?

rockabilly style man

Rockabilly is certainly a mixture of loosely-related items. A healthy dose of new bands, a bunch of blues, a small number of gospel, and a heaping portion of rhythm and Blues, all topped off with a pinch of jazz for flavoring. However wouldn't really call the music activity a "confused" mixture of these components.

Rockabilly music has a very logical structure into it. Like other forms of popular music such as country, blues, folk, etc, it's pretty simple to identify the sections of a rockabilly tune. But probably the music does seem confused to some people. It's certainly manic and energetic. And that i guess if you really analyzed it, you'd have to agree that any thinking person would doubt that one could get away with throwing hardcore country licks over no-nonsense blues sensibility and come up with a completely new genre of music. Sure, maybe it'd work with a song or two here and there--sort of being a novelty--but you couldn't sustain an entire movement. And certainly not one that would change the realm of pop music forever!

But that is exactly what happened. There was the blues there was country music where there was even country blues. But none of them of it was rockabilly. Away from first. Not until it evolved and grew as well as the world was finally ready for rockabilly! And when rockabilly finally arrived, it didn't come knocking politely at pop's door. It exploded on the scene! It crashed through radio speakers and new TV screens in the form of a hip-shaking, golden-voiced kid named Elvis. And also the explosion sparked countless fires around the globe. Soon the whole planet was ablaze with rockabilly.